An inventive cuisine rich in flavors

Seasonal products 80%
French Cuisine bases 70%
Mediterranean Cuisine 80%
Tapas 70%
Mexican Cuisine 30%
Nikkei Cuisine 20%
Asian Cuisine 20%
European Cuisine (Italian, portugues, english) 30%

25 years experience directly on your table

Bruno is a French chef who works in Barcelona. His professional career begins in 1998, where he learns in the kitchen of great chefs for 10 years in France. After his arrival in Barcelona he will continue to develop in various restaurants to end up bringing his own.

His passion for detail and personalized service will lead him to choose to establish himself as a private chef.
This allows you to give the personalized and close treatment of each client, communicating throughout the process and advising in all phases.

His cuisine is a balance between the basics of French cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and tapas, always being up to date and being impregnated with new ingredients and dishes that can arrive from anywhere in the world.


“Every request from a client is a new story that we want to tell”

Bruno will collect all the data to design a menu adjusted to the taste, occasion and budget of the client, incorporating or modifying everything necessary until the menu responds to what the client wants.We have the satisfaction and pride of being able to say that so far all experiences have been a success, the customers' feedback has always scored from remarkable to excellent.The key is undoubtedly a sum of Bruno's professionalism and authenticity, since he will put in each service for either two or sixty people.

All his knowledge and love for the world of catering, taking care of the client from minute One, with a close, attentive and always reactive team in the room, and surrounding himself in the kitchen of a delivered and versatile team, as well as always fresh products.The whole service is developed of course under the sanitary norms as well as or under a coverage of civil responsibility, always watching over the principles of safety and health.